How to Zest, Juice and Freeze Lemons

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When a neighbor left a bag full of lemons from the tree in their yard, I was scrambling to figure out what to do with them. Thus, this post for How to Zest, Juice and Freeze Lemons came to be.

How to Zest, Juice and Freeze Lemons

The first thing you will want to do is to zest the lemons. It’s nearly impossible to zest a juiced or cut lemon, so be sure you take care of this step first. I use a kitchen rasp and it works like a dream.

Now that everything is zest, I use an inexpensive electric juicer to extract all of that juice.

By the way, throw a few of those lemon halves down your drain and turn on the water and garbage disposal. Such a great way to freshen up your sink naturally!

The juice will likely still have some fine pulp in it, so I strain it through a fine sieve before pouring into ice cube trays. These are really inexpensive and I use them specifically for freezing a variety of juices, broths, etc.

Place the frozen cubes in a gallon freezer bag and pull them out as needed. Be sure to add a date (I did that after taking this picture). They will stay fresh in your freezer for up to 3 months!

Now let’s get back to that zest. Place the zest in a flat layer onto parchment paper.

Then, fold up the edges.

Once again, place into a freezer bag and label it. To use the zest, simply break off a piece of the frozen zest and it comes to room temperature in literally minutes.

How to Zest, Juice and Freeze Lemons

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